Top 10 USB-C Wall Chargers For Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - Update June 2022 (2023)

Android Buyer's Guide/Top 10 USB-C Wall Chargers For Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - Update June 2022

Top 10 USB-C Wall Chargers For Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - Update June 2022 (1)

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We've kind of gotten used to smartphones that don't come with chargers in the box, and the Galaxy S21 FE continues that trend in 2022. Samsung is selling its own 25W charger that will work just fineGalaxy S21FEand it's not super expensive, but there are some other great options too.

That said, here are the best wall chargers for your new Galaxy S21 FE.

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Top 10 best USB-C wall chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

If you search Amazon for a wall charger, you'll find tons, possibly millions. But some of these brands we just don't trust. So the list below are brands we know and trust, and most of them are chargers I have in my own home and use with the Galaxy S21 FE and many other devices.

Product nameCostWhere to buy
Samsung 25W travel adapter19,99
Belkin 25W Power Delivery USB C PPS-wandoplader19,99 EURAmazon
Spigen 40W wall charger with two USB C ports29,99 $Amazon
RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 wandoplader21,99 EURAmazon
Anker 60W 2-poorts PowerPort Atom PD39 $Amazon
RAVPower 65W 4-port desktop USB charging station49,99 $Amazon
CHOETECH 20W PD fast charger12,99 EURAmazon
Anker PowerPort III Duo Type-C Foldable Fast Charger29,99 $Amazon
UGREEN USB C charger 20W fast PD charger13,99 EURAmazon
Anker 715 charger (GaN, 65W)59,99 EURAmazon

Samsung 25W travel adapter


This is the charger that Samsung included with the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series at the end of 2020. So it is not necessarily a new charger from Samsung, but one that you may already have at home. And it works great with the Galaxy S21 FE.

It's a USB-C PD charger that can charge up to 25W. Now if you charge something else that might not charge up to 25W, say the Pixel 5, it will charge at 18W. It's basically backwards compatible . What a nice addition.

Finally, the Samsung 25W Travel Power Adapter comes in two colors: white and black.

Samsung 25W Travel Adapter -


Belkin 25W Power Delivery USB C PPS-wandoplader

This wall charger from Belkin supports charging speeds of up to 25W and uses PPS in addition to power. PPS is what Samsung uses to charge faster. So you will certainly get a full charge of 25 W from this. And it's the same price as the Samsung charger above.

It also works with almost any other USB-C device as it is backwards compatible, even with phones that don't come with USB-C PD.

Belkin 25W Power Delivery USB C PPS-wandoplader -

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Spigen 40W wall charger with two USB C ports

Spigen also makes chargers. Yes, a company you know for making awesome cases for literally every phone ever made. They also produce some chargers worth buying, like this one for the Galaxy S21 FE.

It's a dual-port USB-C PD charger that can charge up to 40W. You don't get 40W from each port, but rather combined. It will do 25W max, but if you use both ports together it will be closer to 20W each.

Spigen 40W Dual USB C Wall Charger - Amazon


RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 wandoplader

Another great option for the Galaxy S21 FE, especially if you have other devices you need to charge. The RAVPower 61W charger has a 61W USB-C PD port and a 12W USB-A port. However, if you use both ports, the USB-C port becomes a 45W port. This is how power works.

It is backwards compatible with the 25W charging that the Galaxy S21 FE can handle. But it will also work well for charging USB-C laptops and even tablets, which is very useful. This makes the charger quite versatile.

RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 wandlader -


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Anker 60W 2-poorts PowerPort Atom PD

This is one of our favorite USB-C chargers as it has two USB-C ports and can get up to 60W of output power. This makes it really versatile as it can be used to charge your laptop and Galaxy S21 FE at the same time.

This is another charger that uses GaaN, so despite its rather small size it can still provide a lot of power. That also makes it ideal for travelling. Because it doesn't take up much space in your bag.

Anker 60W 2-poorts PowerPort Atom PD - Amazon


RAVPower 65W 4-port desktop USB charging station

Since we're all working from home now, this charger from RAVPower is a really great buy. It is a stationary USB charging station with four ports. It has two available USB-C PD ports that can be charged with a combined power of 65W. So it can charge your laptop and Galaxy S21 FE at the same time.

It also has two USB-A ports for slower charging of other devices, such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

This makes it a must-buy for your home office. Especially since we all have tons of products that we have to load on a daily basis.

RAVPower 65W 4-port desktop USB charging station -

CHOETECH 20W PD fast charger

Here's another 20W charger and as mentioned above, you won't see much of a difference between 20W and 25W charging. This one is smaller so you can still use it for travel. Throw it in your bag without taking up much space.

It comes in both black and white, but for some reason black is actually $2 more expensive.

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CHOETECH 20W PD Fast Charger - Amazon

UGREEN USB C charger 20W fast PD charger

This 20W charger from UGREEN is also quite cheap as it has a wattage of less than 25W. If you're wondering why so many chargers are limited to 20W, it's because of the iPhone. But it still works fine on the Galaxy S21 FE. And slower charging is actually better because the battery lasts longer in the long run.

At 20W, your Galaxy S21 FE should be charged to about 50% in about 30 minutes.

UGREEN USB C 20W PD Fast Charger -

Anker PowerPort III Duo Type-C Foldable Fast Charger

Anker's PowerPort III Duo is a really good option. It has two USB-C ports that support PowerIQ 3.0 (anchor's own fast charging specification). We're looking at this 36W, so it's not a super fast charger, but it can charge two devices at once.

The PowerPort III Duo also folds flat, making it ideal for travel. You don't have to worry about the plug bending when you have it in your bag.

Anker PowerPort III Duo Type C Foldable Fast Charger - Amazon

Anker 715 charger

The Anker 715 charger is the most expensive on this list. So why is it worth buying? Two main reasons: it's GaN and 65W.

Being a GaN charger or gallium nitride charger means it can keep the charger and phone cool while being smaller. But it's also a 65W charger, which is really cool because it can charge the Galaxy S21 FE as well as your laptop and other devices you have around the house. This means it can do much more than just charge your phone. Makes it more value for money.

Anker 715 Charger - Amazon


Which charger is best for Samsung S21 Fe? ›

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 fast chargers in 2023
  • Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter. ...
  • Anker 715 Charger (Nano II 65W) ...
  • Samsung 65W 3-port USB-C Charger. ...
  • Belkin 25W USB-C Charger. ...
  • Minix 66W USB-C charger. ...
  • Anker USB-C Car Charger 40W. ...
  • mophie Wireless Charging Stand. ...
  • Anker PowerWave II 15W Wireless Charger Stand. Premium Wireless Pick.
Feb 15, 2023

What charger to use for S21 FE? ›

Type C Charger For Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G , Samsung S 21 FE 5G Original Mobile Type C Charger Adapter Wall Charger Type-C Mobile Charger Fast Charging Mobile Charger Type C Fast Charger Type C Android Charger with 1 Meter Type C Usb Charging & Data Sync Red Cable P-DASH (3.1mp, WHITE, SA 4 )

What is the max watt charger for Samsung S21 Fe? ›

Superfast (25 W) charger sold separately.


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