Top 6 Wireless Chargers for Google Pixel 7a (2023)

Google Pixel 6a was a decent mid-range smartphone. It offered efficient internals and only lacked a few features, such as wireless charging and a glass back. With the Pixel 7a, Google offers wireless charging, but has changed the back to a polycarbonate one. So if you've bought one or are planning to buy one soon, it's worth checking out the powerful wireless charger for Google Pixel 7a.

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Wireless charging isn't the fastest or most efficient way to charge your phone. It does, however, give you the option to put your phone on the pad and go to bed without worrying about it staying plugged in through the night.

If you need the convenience of just picking up your phone and using it, here are some recommended wireless chargers for your Google Pixel 7a. For that, here are some other articles you might be interested in:

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Now let's move on to the products.

Remark:Google Pixel 7a does not support fast wireless charging. The input power is limited to 7.5 W. All recommendations are based on this parameter.

1. Belkin Wireless Charging Pad

Maximum performance:10 W

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There are two types of wireless chargers: flat pads and upright stands. Belkin's wireless charger falls into the first category. It looks like a small hockey puck and looks quite unassuming. Simply place your Pixel 7a flat on the charging pad and it will start charging.

Belkin provides non-slip rubber pads on the top and bottom of the wireless charger. As a result, neither the charging station nor the phone slip during charging. There is also an LED on the front to indicate charging status.

On the back of the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad is a USB-C port. Although the cable is included, there is no charging adapter in the box. You must use Acharging adapterto power the wireless charger. If you're looking for a sleek wireless charger that's also affordable, the Belkin Wireless Charger is a reliable option.

2. Anker 313 wireless charging stand

Maximum performance:10 W

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A vertical wireless charger like the Anker 313 is more practical in several scenarios. If you plan to use the wireless charger on your desk, you have a direct view of your phone screen. This makes it easy to check the time, pending notifications, etc.

A flat wireless charging pad can be a good solution for a bedside table, but it may not fit on a desk. The vertical wireless charger takes up less space and keeps your phone upright so you always have it in view. Interestingly, you can use the Anker 313 as a phone stand when you get a business call or want to watch some content.

It can even be used as a stand while watching movies as it has two charging coils. This means that you can place your phone horizontally on the wireless charging stand and it will still charge. Most reviews suggest that the Anker 313 is a reliable wireless charging standard that has been around for years. One downside, however, is that it still comes with a micro USB port, which is a shame in 2023.

3. iOttie Ion wireless charger

Maximum performance:7,5 watt

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Sometimes an accessory is more than just the functionality it provides. If you have something on your desk all the time, you want it to look good and match the overall aesthetic of your gear. The iOttie Ion wireless charger does just that.

Take a quick look at the Ion wireless charger and you'll see how good it looks. The fabric cover on the outside gives it an elegant look. The brand has also cleverly hidden the trademark and LED indicator on the side of the charger, giving it a minimalist look.

Like the Anker 313, the iOttie wireless charger also has two coin chargers. The difference, however, is that the Ion has a USB-C port on the back, which is a welcome change. The brand also supplies a USB-C cable and an 18 W power adapter. You do not have to purchase the adapter separately, which saves a lot of hassle and money.

Most of the users who purchased the iOttie Ion wireless charger are satisfied with it. They mention that it doesn't look like a regular wireless charger and fits into any environment.

4. Samsung Duo Wireless Charger

Maximum performance:15 watt

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As the name suggests, this wireless charger from Samsung can charge two devices at once. One side of the charger can charge the Pixel 7a at 7.5W, while the other side can charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch or a pair of wireless earbuds at up to 4.5W.

If you've paired a Galaxy Watch with a Pixel 7a, Samsung's Duo Wireless Charger is the perfect accessory. You can charge your phone and smartwatch at the same time by simply placing them on the charging pad. No cables, no hassle.

Even if you don't have a Galaxy Watch, you can use the right side of the wireless charger to charge a pair of wireless earbuds with Qi charging. So if you have headphones like Galaxy Buds orNothing ear (2)you are done. If you have a Samsung flagship, the Duo Wireless Charger can charge it at up to 15W.

According to reviews, the wireless charger works as advertised and even has an LED indicator that changes color based on battery percentage, which is handy. Another advantage of this product is that Samsung includes a 25W power adapter that can also be used to quickly charge the phone.

5. Hatalkin wireless charging station

Maximum performance:10 W

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Since you bought a Google Pixel smartphone, you may be leaning more towards the Pixel Watch rather than the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Then consider buying the Hatalkin Wireless Charging Station instead of the Samsung Duo Wireless Charger.

In addition to wirelessly charging the Pixel 7a and Pixel Watch, the Hatalkin wireless charger also offers space for a third device. On the back is a small wireless charging pad that can charge a pair of wireless earbuds. This addition makes it a universal charger to charge all your devices at once.

In addition to being able to charge multiple devices, reviews of the Hatalkin charging station mention another plus. The charging station is designed to take up very little space on any surface. It doesn't take up any space if you have a small table or desk. The brand also includes a charging adapter in the box.

6. Google Pixel Stand 2nd gen

Maximum performance:23 W

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Google's Pixel Stand is more than just a wireless charger. Placing the Pixel 7a on the 2nd Gen Pixel Stand allows for Ambient Display Mode with support for music and a smart home device. This puts you in control of all your IoT devices at your fingertips.

Some users may feel that the Pixel Stand 2nd Gen is overkill for the Pixel 7a. That's a fair point considering the phone can only draw 7.5W of power, while the Pixel Stand can deliver 23W. However, the functionality of the Pixel Stand could attract many users. However, you will have to spend a lot more than a standard wireless charger. We recommend only buying the Pixel Stand 2nd Gen if you're fully invested in the Google smart home ecosystem.

That said, if you want similar functionality and don't mind an older product,Pixel Stand 1st generationcan be had for less than a third of the price of the second generation. The charging speeds go up to 10 W, but the Pixel 7a cannot charge above 7.5 W anyway. Google also supplies a wall adapter with both versions.

Charge with ease

Despite being slower, the best thing about using a wireless charger is to put your phone on the pad and forget about it. Choose one of the best Pixel 7a wireless chargers listed above depending on your requirements. You never have to worry about plugging in your phone at night again.

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